Home Décor Egg Set with Thermal Labels for Easter Eggs and Seed Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Victorilya Anikeeva

Happy Easter!

: : : Materials : : :

  • Bead, glass, yellow, 5mm (A) (36 beads)
  • Seed bead, glass, blue, #10 (B)
  • Seed bead, glass, yellow, #10 (C)
  • Seed bead, glass, dark blue, #11 (D)
  • Monofilament thread, 0.17mm
  • Thermal label for Easter eggs (with three icons on it)
  • Egg (or a wooden work piece) (1 egg)

Put a thermal label on the egg or the wooden work piece. Immerse it into the boiling water for one minute. The film will cover the egg tightly.
(Figure 1)
Beading the "cup" elements. Thread on 12 (B) seed beads and close it into a ring. Work round and round by circular rows (Fig. 1). Use (B, C) beads for the first three rows. For the fourth row add beads like this: a set of 7 seed beads (D), then a set of glass beads [i.e. a glass bead (A), a seed bead (B) and one more glass bead]. Now you have three seed bead sectors and three glass bead sectors in the fourth row. Set the work aside. Bead one more "cup" in the same way.
(Figure 2)
Joining the two elements together. Start in any bead sector of one "cup" element. Go through the fourth seed bead in the middle of the sector. Bead a stripe in (B, C and D) (Fig. 2), long enough to connect it to the opposite bead sector. Bead the very same stripes starting in the second and in the third bead sectors. The length of the stripes depend on the egg size so you should measure it first to know exactly how long stripes you need. Now slip the egg inside the joined beaded cups so that the icons were between the strips. What you have now is one "cup" atop of the egg and another one at the bottom, connected together with three stripes.
(Figure 3)
Bead a frame around each icon (Fig. 3), using (A, B, C, D) beads. A tip. Work row by row around all the three icons simultaneously, i.e. bead the 1st row for the first icon, and then bead the 1st row for the second icon and the 1st row for the third icon. Now repeat the 2nd row three times in the same way. Do not break this order or the work can go wrong. Pay attention to the row with three beads added. Repeat this row twice or three times, depending on the egg size. Pass through the last row for several times pulling firmly on the thread.

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