Single-Strand Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set with Seed Beads, Cat's Eye Glass Beads and Metal Charms

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Elena Kuzmichenko

Sonya the Fisherwoman Set

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Thread 10/0 seed beads onto a length of nylon thread, alternating (A) and (B). Crochet a bead rope. A tip. Before you start look through the crochet cord basics provided by Fashion Magazine #12, 2009. Decorate the ends of the cord with bead caps. Attach a clasp with chain extender. Attach jumprings to both halves of the clasp.

Join one end of the chain to a jumpring, twine the chain around the cord and then attach another jumpring. To make a steering wheel, thread (A) beads onto the nylon thread and crochet a cord around the plastic ring. Work some shortened rows, repeating them in regular intervals to shape your crocheting. Fix the anchor in the middle of the ring. Attach (C) beads around the outer edge of the steering wheel to the cord, passing through metal rings and (D) beads.


Crochet three cords: use (A) beads for the first one, (B) for the second one, and unite both colors for the third cord, alternating them in the same manner as you have done for the necklace, but making the cords thinner.

Use bead caps or flat metal beads to join the cords to 3-strand connector. Attach a toggle clasp and a chain to the connector, and decorate the chain with beads fixed on headpins.

To fix a bead on a headpin put it on, bend the pin end at the right angle and cut away the excess wire, leaving about 7 to 8mm end. Make a loop with your round-nose pliers. Open the loop and attach it to one of the chain links. A tip. Don't forget that when you open the loop you want to open it from side to side. You don't want to reopen it as it might be spoiled or even broken. Repeat the following steps for all the beads you want to have on your chain, and then attach some metal pendants to the end of the chain using jumprings.

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