Bracelet with Cord and TierraCast® Beads

Courtesy of TierraCast®

Lazy Zigzag Bracelet
Prepare: Cut one 14-inch and two 6-1/4 inch pieces of cord. Align the cords next to each other with the 14-inch strand in the middle extending about 4 inches past the ends of the shorter cords. *String one 6x2mm ID barrel bead onto the ends. Use flat-nose pliers to crimp barrel bead*. Make a small loop in the 4-inch end. Wrap the loose end around the base of the loop once and tie an overhand knot. Tighten securely and trim excess cord.
Weave: String one 5mm nugget 3-hole bar onto the 3 cords. †String one 7mm nugget with 2mm ID bead onto center cord. String one 4x2mm ID barrel bead onto center and an adjacent outer cord†. Repeat †through† 6 times, alternating outer cords. String a final nugget bead onto center cord. String on the second 3-hole bar. Adjust all beads so that the 3-hole bars are about 5 inches apart.
Finish: Repeat *through*. Make a loop in the 4-inch end. Before knotting attach the small loop of a large classic hook. Secure with an overhand knot as before.
Tip: For added security, apply a bit of adhesive into the 6x2mm barrel beads before crimping and to the knots before tightening and trimming.

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