Wrap Bracelet with TierraCast Clasps, Flatback Rhinestones and Leather Cord

Courtesy of TierraCast®

Meditation Bracelet - A Double-Wrap Bracelet Sure to Charm
Prepare: Cut one 18- to 20-inch piece of 10mm flat leather. Thread one end through the small opening of a 1/2 inch tribuckle (ridge side up). Fold end over about 1 inch. Use leather punching pliers to punch 2.5mm holes through the leather about 5/8 inch from the fold. Secure with rivet.
Embellish: At regular intervals attach rivets and/or glue flatback rhinestones as desired along the leather, leaving the last 3 inches or so blank.
Finish: Use jumprings as desired to attach charms to the tribuckle. Check for fit and trim excess leather as necessary, allowing for a 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inch tail.

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