Artistic Wire® Round Earwire Jig

Courtesy of Beadalon®

Always use safety glasses when working with wire and wire tools. Intended for adult use only.
Insert Wire Into Hole In Form Insert a piece of wire (20-24 gauge) 5 inches (12.7cm) in length through the hole in the findings form and bend the end (this helps to hold the wire firmly as you bend the wire around the pegs).
Wrap Wire Around Large Peg, Then Thin Peg Wrap the wire around the large peg (clockwise) then slightly around the thin peg and up (clockwise) around the acrylic form.
Press Wire Along Side Of Triangle Wrap the wire over and down the acrylic form then down the side of the triangle acrylic form then out to the right.
Tighten With Pusher Tool Use the Pusher tool on the small peg to tighten the intersection of the wire.
Cut Wire Cut the end of the wire as shown (it's advised to use a wire rounder on the end of the earwire to smooth out the sharp edges left by the flush-cutter). Remove the earwire and cut the ring so that it forms a complete circle.
If you desire a bead or other additional component un-bend the end of the earwire (opposite of the loop) and run the bead or other component onto the wire and re-bend into the desired shape.

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