Bracelets with Glass Beads and Seed Beads

Courtesy of Preciosa

Bracelets Made from Table Cut Beads

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  • Bracelet with Rectangles:

  • Beads, Preciosa fire-polished glass, rectangle, 20x12mm (FPB20)
  • Seed beads, Preciosa rocaille, 9/0 (R9)
  • Eyepins, 1-1/4inch

  • Bracelet with Squares:

  • Beads, Preciosa fire-polished glass, square, 14x14mm (FPB14)
  • Seed beads, Preciosa rocaille, 8/0 (R8)
  • Eyepins, 1-3/4inch

  • Both Bracelets:

Preciosa Ornela presents new table cut beads under the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads brand. The rectangle with dimensions of 20x12 mm with rounded receding adjacent edges is ideal for polishing thanks to its diagonally positioned central dimple. This especially enables the given type of presented surface finish to stand out. The pressed bead in the shape of a square with dimensions of 14x14 mm is designed to have its surfaces cut and polished. The perfection of their shine is emphasized by the contrast of the randomly placed central square engraving of the accentuated tuffaceous decoration. We wish you much inspiration with the beads and seed beads from the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads brand

Bracelet with Rectangles

String fifteen rectangular beads onto eye pins which you should also close with an eye of the same size on the second side of the bead. Their colors can be variously combined. The eye pin already has the basic eye ready. String a bead on it and use the needle nose pliers to form an eye on the opposite end behind the bead. The points of the pliers converge and are shaped as cones. Choose the place which best corresponds to the size of the basic eye. Grasp the end of the wire there and twist it around the point.

Both eyes should be in a single plain with the same twist (figure no. 1). They can be evened up using the flat nose pliers. It the eye pin is too long, snip off the end using the snipping pliers. String the prepared eyes onto the doubled stringing material (two fibers of flexible stringing material) with 7x R9 between them. String 1x R9 and 2x FPB4 into the last gap and then 1x R9 again. The FPB4 are used to hide the double knot. (figure no. 2). Adjust its size to the size of the hole in the bead. Cut off any excess stringing material about 2 - 3 mm from the knot. Pull the knot into the bead. Proceed in the same way on both sides of the bracelet.

Making Simple Loop
Figure 1
How to Tie Knot
Figure 2

Bracelet with Squares

Link up twenty square beads with a stringing of 8x R8. String the bead and rocaille onto an eye pin with a basic eye. Create an eye of the same size and on the same plain on the opposite side. The colors of the beads can alternate. Ten squares lie next to one another and the rocaille section from the adjacent square is inserted between them. The adjacent squares are shifted in relation to one another by half. String them onto doubled stringing material, alternating the eye next to the square and the eye next to the rocaille. Insert 4x R8 between them. String 2x FPB4 at the end instead of the rocailles. Tie off the stringing material with a string knot, cut it off and pull the knot into the holes of the FPB4. Repeat this on the second side of the bracelet.

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