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Art Clay Silver consists of pure silver particle, binding agent and water. The binding agent is produced from harmless pulp fiber. During firing, the pure silver powder solidifies. The binding agent consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen resulting in the release of harmless carbon dioxide and steam during firing.



This product is water-based. If the clay becomes stiff during shaping, add a few drops of water and knead it well. You can prevent the clay from sticking to your hands by rubbing them with a few drops of olive oil first. Do not use rubber bands to wrap the clay in plastic wrap (They may discolor the clay). It is recommended that your firing temperature does not exceed 900/1650ºF. Always be sure to ventilate the workroom. Take out only the necessary amount of clay. Place the rest of the clay in the original clay package or a re-sealable bag and keep it in an airtight container to prevent it from drying up. You may combine any unused portion of clay with the original clay series or 650/1200 (clay, paste and syringe types), but the firing condition should be same as the original clay series.


  • Take out only the necessary amount of clay and knead it well
  • Because the piece will shrink 8 to 9% during firing, make the mold larger than the finished size
Molding and Drying It is necessary to dry the clay completely, so dry it in the following ways:
  • Hair dryer: At least 10-15 minutes with 1200w hair dryer. Place the dryer within 10cm/4 inches from the piece
  • Food Dehydrator: At least 10 minutes at 60ºC/145ºF
  • Oven: At least 7 minutes at 180ºC/330ºF
  • Hot plate: At least 7 minutes at 150-180ºC/300-330ºF
  • Kiln: At least 7 minutes at 150ºC/300ºF
  • Natural drying: At least 1 hour at room temperature
Note: Do not apply heat over 250ºC/450ºF, or the binder will burn away and shape of the piece may change.

When to Tell When the Piece is Dry Enough
Place the piece on a flat surface of Stainless Steel, glass or plastic and after 10-20 seconds pick up the piece. If there is no evidence of condensation on the surface, it is dry.
Firing Kiln Firing:

To fire, place the piece in a cold or warm kiln (below 300ºC/570ºF). (It is safest to start with a cold kiln.) Take at least 15 minutes to reach firing temperature. You may use any of the three firing temperatures and hold times listed below. If you are combining with other materials (i.e. man-made stone, glass), please check the appropriate firing temperature and hold time. If you are firing more than two pieces, make sure the pieces are not touching each other.
  • 650ºC/1200ºF - hold time 30 minutes
  • 700ºC/1290ºF - hold time 15 minutes
  • 750ºC/1380ºF - hold time 10 minutes
  • 780ºC/1435ºF and above - hold time 5 minutes.
Note: You may fire 650 using a gas torch or on a gas stove. Some restrictions and conditions apply. Please ask for the details from your purchased source.
Finishing The surface of the fired piece will be white and matte due to crystallization of silver. But luster can be obtained by polishing. (e.g. Stainless Steel brush, agate burnisher, file, sandpaper etc.)
Completion The completed piece is pure silver (99.9%).

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