Prometheus Clays Information Sheet

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Working with Prometheus™ Clay is similar to working with silver clays, polymer clays, modelling dough, flower dough and ceramic clays. It is very easy to use.

Wet Stage Drying Dry Stage

Whilst the dried Prometheus™ Clay is strong, you still need to take some care when working with it. You can carve designs on the surface, file it, grind it, drill holes with hand tools or rotary tools and engravers. To join dried pieces, wet the joining points with a brush and apply some paste. After completing your design it is easy to sand uneven surfaces using sand papers and sanding sponges. It is a lot easier to do this step now - before you have fired the clay!

Firing Prometheus Clay™

It is important to fire the clay according to the manufacturer's instructions; these are included with each package of clay. Please note that each metal type has different firing instructions.

Finishing Prometheus™ Clay

Brush your piece with a metal brush and, if necessary, put it in hot pickling solution. After pickling, rinse the piece thoroughly with water and dry. This will give you a nice brushed finish. You can also use many different patina solutions to give you other colours.

Polish the piece with a burnisher, polishing papers, a tumbler or polishing motor. Using polishing compounds can give extra shine to your works.

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