How to Create the African Helix Stitch

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Cut a 3-foot length of thread. Thread a beading needle, leaving a tail.
Pick up three sets of one A color bead and three B color beads.
Pass through all the beads again and pull tightly into a circle. Using the working thread and the tail create a knot to secure the circle and complete the first row.

Pass through the adjacent A bead so the tail and the working thread are on opposite sides of the bead.

Tip: For additional stability while weaving, place the circle of beads over a cylindrical item, such as a pencil or a dowel.
Pick up three color A and two color B.

Pass over and around the thread between the second color A and the third color B in row one, then pull tight.

Repeat two more times to complete row two.

Tip: It's important to pass over the thread from the previous row instead of passing up from below the thread to ensure the beads lay properly.

Pick up three B beads and two A beads.

Pass over and around the thread between the color A and B set of the adjacent loop on row two.

Repeat two more times to complete the next row, then repeat until the African Helix stitch reaches the desired length.
When the last loop of the last row is complete, pass back through the last two color A beads added.
Pick up three color B then pass through the next color A from the previous row.

Repeat two more times then pass through the first color B to be added in this step.
Pass back through all the beads of the row then weave through adjacent beads to secure the thread. For additional security add a knot.

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