How to Make a Right-Angle Weave

Presented by Rose Wingenbach, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

These instructions are for using four beads in the right-angle weave pattern.

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Cut a piece of thread to a comfortable length for you to work with. The longer your thread, the farther you can work before you will have to add thread. Almost double your thread to make it easier to work with, but do leave a tail so you are working with only one thread.
Pick up four beads then pass through the first bead again. Pull the thread tight to form a circle. Pass through the next bead so the working thread is opposite the tail..
Pick up three beads then pass your needle through the bead your thread was coming out of, forming a second circle of beads. Pass the needle through two of the beads you just added so that you are coming out of the bead opposite the bead you used to complete the second circle.
Repeat Step 3 until the strip is your desired length. Your thread will be moving in a figure eight pattern as you add each circle of beads.

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