Diamond Chain

Presented by Marlynn McNutt,
Instructions by Kathy Rice
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

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Here are some instructions on how to make a diamond chain:

Pick up 12 beads (1 point bead (pb), 2 center beads (cb), 1 pb, 2 cb, 1 pb, 2 cb).

Run the needle through the first point bead and 2 center beads.

Now run the needle through the center beads only, skipping the point beads. Work your needle through the first 4 center beads again, then out through the top point bead.

This will cause the point beads to pop out. If they don't, move them to the outside. This is where tension counts, make sure you pull your thread tight. This will cause the center beads to come close together.
Pick up 11 beads (2 cb, 1 pb, 2 cb, 1 pb, 2 cb, 1 pb, and 2 cb). Run the needle through the point bead you just came out of, then through all of the center beads again.
Now work your way to the top center beads and repeat Step 3.

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