How to use the Speedy Stringer™

by Arbel, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

String beads quickly and efficiently using the Speedy Stringer. Pour beads into the bowl, then spin them onto wire or thread. They will be strung quickly, leaving you with more time for crocheting, knitting, loom weaving and other designing! Includes ''J'' hook needle, for threading beads during spinning, and instructions. Speedy Stringer is handmade using ultra-smooth Borotik® plantation-grown natural wood.

String your needle onto a length of thread.

Depending on the project, you don't need to cut the thread from the spool until you've strung your beads. If you do need to cut the thread, fold a piece of tape over the cut end so once you start stringing the beads, they stay on the thread.
Pour your beads into the bowl. Do not fill the bowl more than 2/3 full.
Spin the bowl at a comfortable speed, and not so fast the beads spill out. Place the hook of the needle into the bowl, onto the surface of the beads; the beads will begin climbing the needle.

Once the needle has about 2 inches of beads on it, carefully lift the needle up and slide the beads down onto the thread.

Repeat until you've strung as many beads as you need for your project.

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