Using the Wire Twister

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

If using round wire, match up the two ends of a length of wire and place the folded end over an anchored nail or into the jaws on a bench vise.

If using square wire don't fold it in half, use it singularly. Place the end into a bench vise to anchor it.
Place the ends of the wire into the jaws of the pliers.
Squeeze the handles of the pliers, then slide the locking sleeve toward the end of the pliers, locking it into place and clamping the jaws of the pliers closed.
Grasp the knob on the end of the pliers and release your other hand. Pull the knob and allow the pliers to spin and twist the wire.

Once the twisting stops, regrip the handles of the pliers with your free hand, then release the knob.
Repeat Step 4 to continue twisting the wire until the twist is as fine as you'd like.
Use caution as the twist gets finer as the wire can break due to the stress.
Once you are satisfied with the twist, compress the handles of the pliers to release the lock, enabling you to open the pliers and release the wire.

Each diameter of wire and the amount of pulls you complete on the wire twister will generate different finished lengths of twisted wire, e.g. 41 inches of dead soft sterling silver 20 gauge wire twisted 40 times yields 19 inches of twisted wire; 48 inches of dead soft sterling silver 22 gauge wire twisted 50 times yields 23 inches of twisted wire.

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