Creating and Designing with Links

by Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Create links from sew-on stones using jumprings. Connect enough Crystal Passions twist flat round sew-on stones to create a bracelet design. Fancy twist jumprings enhance the twist design of the stones.

For one link, open two 8mm plain round jumprings. Open two 8mm twist jumprings. Open four 6mm round jumprings and keep them handy for use as the connectors when you assemble all the crystal sew-on links later on.

Note: Good tools are important to open and close the jumprings as connectors. Choose a chain-nose and a slim flat-nose with smooth interiors.
Add an open 8mm twisted jumpring to one hole in the sew-on stone. Close it. Add an open 8mm plain round jumpring in the same hole. This jumpring will go through the hole in the stone and then weave it through the twisted jumpring. Close this ring.

Repeat for other side of the Golden Shadow sew-on stone.
Assemble 3 more twist crystal sew-on stone individual links in the same manner.
Open four 10mm fancy twist jumprings. Insert and interwine 2 each into the holes of the 28mm crystal copper twist flat round sew-on (as in Step 2 and 3 above).

Connect all sew-on links with two open 6mm plain round jumprings with the large 28mm sew-on stone in the center. Close as you go along. This should bring the bracelet length to about 6 inches.
Add more sets of jumprings at ends for a slightly longer bracelet length. Add smaller jumprings on the bar side of the toggle clasp for easy closing.

Complement with a coordinating Twist Flat Round Link Necklace for the sparkliest look ever.

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