How to Repair and Polish Jewelry

Courtesy of Jooltool™
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Learn how to use various 3M discs with the Jooltool buffing system to grind and highly polish metal jewelry, eliminating the need for hand filing.

Disclaimer: When using your Jooltool, remember to tie your hair back, use safety glasses and, when you're not using the vacuum, use a respirator.
Attach each of the 120 grit ceramic, Scotch-Bright and See-Thru felt discs to a Ninja See-Thru™ backpad.
Screw the 120 grit disc to the post on the top of the JoolTool to the fins face clockwise. Hold the item to be polished below the disc in the center, not on the edge. Grind the surface down by moving the piece side-to-side along the pad for just a few of seconds.
Use the Scotch-Bright disc to blend the metal by placing the piece under the disc for a few seconds creating a pre-polish.
Attach the felt wheel to the JoolTool. Apply the high polishing compound then run the piece under the disc to create a high polish.

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