How to Repair and Polish Stone

Video courtesy of Jooltool™
Instructions by Andrew, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

This video tutorial demonstrates how to smooth scratches in gemstone jewelry pieces and polish the stone using the Jooltool™ system and the diamond polishing kit.

Disclaimer: When using your Jooltool, remember to tie your hair back, use safety glasses and, when you're not using the vacuum, use a respirator.
Attach a 20-micron (very fine) abrasive disc to your JoolTool™. Turn on the JoolTool at a medium to low speed, then apply a small amount of water to the abrasive side of the disc as well as the stone that needs polishing.
Hold the stone under the abrasive disc near the middle and carefully apply pressure to remove scratches. Be sure not to use the edge of the disc and adjust the scratch pattern by rotating the piece around during use of each disc.

Note: It's important to inspect the stone and repeat to remove all scratches while using this abrasive disc.
Attach an 1800-grit abrasive disc from the 3M™ Premium Diamond Polishing kit to the JoolTool then repeat Step 2 using a very slow speed to polish the stone.
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 using the 3000-, 8000- and 50,000-grit abrasive discs.
Attach a cerium oxide disc from the 3M Premium Diamond Polishing kit to the JoolTool. Apply a generous amount of water to the disc and the stone, then repeat Step 2.

Note: There will be a small amount of white discharge from the disc. That is the high-polishing compound located within the cerium oxide.

Tip: The Premium Diamond Polishing Kit by 3M can polish gemstones with high Mohs hardness values such as ruby and sapphire and other stones in the corundum family, as well as any softer gemstone with ease.

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