How to Knot Pearls with Perfection Using the easyknotter®

by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Create beautiful knotted pearl jewelry with the help of the easyknotter. See how to use this handy tool for even, professional knots every time in no time.

Create evenly spaced knots quickly and easily with the easyknotter. This compact tool is easy to use, yet offers professional results. The easyknotter is designed for use with a variety of threads and cords, though size 6 silk is strongly recommended as the ideal by the manufacturer. Caution is recommended when using with sharp-edged beads such as glass, crystal and metal.

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Place knot loop on the post with loop facing toward you.
Pull the thread firmly, sliding the knot into desired position.
Remove knot with thumb and forefinger and pull firmly in both directions to tighten. Place bead on thread and pull toward knot.
Repeat Steps 1 - 3 to create second knot.

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