How to Use the Wubbers® Square Mandrel Pliers

Presented by Patti Bullard, PhD, Inventor of Wubbers Pliers
Instructions by Jennifer, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Follow along with Patti Bullard, PhD, owner and designer of Wubbers® Pliers as she shows you how to make crisp, consistent square and rectangular shapes in jewelry wire with her square mandrel pliers.
Insert a length of wire inside the Wubbers® large jaw then close. Wrap the wire around each side of the desired sized jaw, pressing the wire along each side to ensure the shape is straight and even.

Open and insert the wire inside the jaw, making sure the wire doesn't cross itself, then close. Continue to wrap the wire around each side of the jaw while pressing it with a thumb.

Repeat working toward the inside of the mandrel to create the desired number of square jumprings.

Tip: Working from the coil prevents wasted wire and allows for no measuring!
Hold the square coil in place while removing the pliers.

Cut through one side of the coil to separate each square jumpring.

Note: There is a spring in the coils, which will reform the shape of the square jumprings if not held into place before cutting.

Shaping the Square Jumpring

Insert the square jumpring into the jaw of the pliers, making sure the opposite side of the opening is inside the jaw then close. Open the jaw then remove the square jumpring. Insert a side adjacent to the opening of square jumpring into the jaw then close. Repeat. Insert the side with the opening of the square jumpring then close.

Work each side of each square jumpring back and forth to shape.
Repeat for all square jumprings to form each into perfect squares.

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