Using Earring Card Punch Tools with Adhesive Front PVC Earring Cards

by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

PVC earring cards with hangers are optional.

Note: Earring card punch tools come in two styles; post style which has two simple holes and a leverback style which has holes and tabs and can also accommodate hinged, kidney and fishhook earwires.
Remove plastic strip from adhesive area on PVC earring card.

Note: PVC plastic earring card includes a 1x3/4 inch adhesive area on the front of the card with removable clear plastic strip. Center hang tab fits most earring displays.
Press business card or card of choice onto adhesive strip.

Note: You can apply business card horizontally or vertically depending on style of card used.
Insert earring card with attached business card into slot on hole-punch tool and align in center or as desired.
Post style
Leverback style

Depress punch tool lever firmly to create holes, then release. Remove earring card as it is now ready to hang earrings for display.

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