Creating a Polymer Clay Lump Cat

Presented by Christi Friesen, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Educator,
Instructions by Andrew, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

In this step-by-step tutorial, renowned polymer clay artist Christi Friesen demonstrates how to make what she calls a lump cat, a cute feline sculpted from Premo! Sculpey® jewelry clay and other jewelry supplies.
Cut six 1 - 2 inch lengths of Accu-Flex® Professional Quality beading wire.

Condition a small amount of pink and other desired colors of polymer clay by hand or running through a polymer clay roller, forming a lump. Stack the clay.
Stack the colors, excluding pink and a small amount of a second color, then rip and stack the stacked clay as desired.

Twist the clay 1 - 2 twists.
Cut the twisted lump of clay in half, revealing the twisted stripes inside. Place the two halves of clay together so that the inner stripe designs are adjacent.

Cut the clay in half again then place the two halves together once more covering a less desirable side and so that the inner twisted designs are adjacent.

Trim thin layers of clay from the less stripped side until each side of the clay lump is showing a twisted marbleized design.
Press the clay together to form an elongated smooth lump. Press one end of the lump onto a flat surface, flattening the lump and forming a base for the cat. Form a tail for the cat by pulling clay out from one side of the base and forming a tail shape.

Tip: Add or remove clay and reduce as needed until the desired shape of the tail is achieved.

Press the clay once more into the working surface, flattening the base and ensuring that the clay cat will stand on its own. Curl the tail as desired.
Form a pair of ears by pinching a small amount from two sides of the top of the lump. This will form two flattened ears. Pinch each ear in the opposite direction to bring the flattened edge together into a point.
Create a neck for the cat by stretching the body slightly, then pressing in slightly to form a neckline.
Create cheeks for the cat by rolling a very small amount of clay of the color of your choice from Step 1 into two small pea-sized balls. Repeat to create chin, approximately 1/2 the size of one of the cheeks.

Firmly press the cheeks onto the center of the head of the cat body, placing the chin just under the cheeks.

Tip: To add contrast, condition another color of clay to use for the face. Use a color such as pink or black for a more natural look.
Place two flat-back crystal rhinestones, one for each eye, above the cheeks.

Using the conditioned pink clay, form a small oval nose for the cat and press firmly onto the top of the cheeks.

Tip: If desired, use a small amount of extra clay to give the cat eyelids. This can be used to give your polymer clay cat an expression.
Using tweezers, pick up one length of Accu-Flex beading wire. Brush a tiny amount of Poly-Bonder™ adhesive onto the end of the wire, then press the adhesive end of the wire into one cheek of the cat.

Repeat to attach a total of three lengths of wire to each cheek of the cat.

Note: More whiskers may be added as desired.
Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions. Let cool.


If desired, add accessories or embellishments to your polymer clay cat. A small beaded necklace with elastic beading wire or a crown made from a bead cap, crystal bead and headpin are just two examples.


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