My Favorite Polymer Clay Leaf

Presented by Christi Friesen, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Educator
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

In this short tutorial with full instructions, Christi Friesen walks you through the steps to create her favorite polymer clay leaf project from just Premo! Sculpey jewelry clay and some mica powder.
Mix colors of conditioned polymer clay to create a shade of green of your choice.
Separate a section of polymer clay, approximately the size of a small grape, and roll it into a ball.

Pinch and roll one end into a teardrop shape then use fingers to flatten the teardrop into a leaf shape, not thicker than a quarter.
Use an awl to impress a line down the center of the leaf. Verify the line is deep enough to fold the leaf later.

Tip: Use the side of the awl to create the line and not the top to prevent damage to the leaf.

Use a flat tool with a sharp edge to impress diagonal lines, facing toward the center, along each edge of the leaf (they should face so they would intersect in the center).
Use a tool with a rounded end to indent the areas between the lines. Use a finger to press down the areas covering the tool marks. If needed pass over the center line once more; if it's distorted then fold the leaf along the line. Press along the back side to secure.
Use an artist brush to apply rust colored mica powder as desired.

Note: Mica powder sticks to the surface of the clay and bakes itself right.

Tip: Place a piece of tape over the leaf to remove any undesirable or excess mica powder.
Bake according to manufacturer's instructions.

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