How to Create a Full Persian Chainmaille Weave

Presented by Sue Ripsch, Author and Chainmaille Artist,
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Learn how to create a full Persian chainmaille weave with jumprings. Sue Ripsch, author of “Classic Chain Mail Jewelry” explains the Persian chain using shower curtain rings so it’s easy to follow along.
Place two jumprings on a spare piece of wire then twist the ends of the wire together, securing the jumprings and creating a "handle".
Pass one jumpring through the previous two jumprings then close. Attach a second jumpring through the same path as the previous, creating a 2-2 chain.
Bring the last two jumprings down, to either side of the previous set, so the first set is now on top. Turn the jumprings 90-degrees then spread the first set of jumprings so the second set is visible in the center.

Pass one jumpring through the two center jumprings then attach a second jumpring through the same path creating locking rings.

  • The top jumprings may fall to the sides but will easily flip back in place by pulling the handle.
  • This is a four-sided chain. Notice the jumprings form a V pattern pointing the same direction, on opposite sides of the chain.
Pass one jumpring through the previous two jumprings, through the two jumprings forming a downward pointing V on one side of the chain, then close. Repeat on the opposite side of the chain.

Note: The jumpring will rest between the outside "V" and the jumprings on the center of the chain.

Continue this Full Persian Chain weave to the desired length.

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