How to Create a Chainmaille Love Knot

Presented by Sue Ripsch, Author and Chainmaille Artist
Instructions by Andrew, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Renowned chain mail artist Sue Ripsch shares how to make a chainmaille love knot to create earrings, bracelets and other jewelry designs, using only Lindstrom® jewelry-making pliers and your favorite jumprings.
Count out 15 large jumprings. Open 14 jumprings and leave the last one closed.

Note: Depending on the size and gauge of the jumprings, 15 jumprings may not fit in the design. Take note of the number of jumprings used so that any additional love knots use a consistent number.
Pass one open jumpring through the closed jumpring and close then lay both jumprings flat on your working surface. Nest the jumprings, pushing them together.
Attach another open jumpring by passing it through the center of all previous jumprings and close. Nest the jumprings, pushing them together.

Note: Do not flip the jumprings over each time another one is added.
Continue attaching jumprings, always passing the newest one through the center of all previous jumprings and then nesting the stack.

Note: As more jumprings are added to the love knot, each consecutive jumpring added will need to be opened up more in order to fit through the center of the stack.

Tip: When adding a new jumpring, try passing it through the nest from the top. This may make it easier to ensure that the newly added jumpring is being passed through the center of all previous jumprings.
Finish by passing a small jumpring through two nested jumprings in the love knot and the loop on a leverback earwire.

Tip: The Love Knot design allows for other possibilities, such as connecting multiple love knots to form a necklace.

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