How to Use Two-Sided Bezel Settings

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See how easy it is to set Swarovski® crystals fancy stones and cabochons in these two-sided calibrated bezel mounts with pliers and a prong pusher to create beautiful pendant jewelry.
Two-sided bezel setting have prongs on either side to grip the stone and are open on both sides allowing light to shine through.

Swarovski® Crystal Fancy Stones

Select the correct size bezel for the stone to be set. Place the stone inside the center of the bezel to verify they fit together.
Use a bezel roller, bezel pusher or a pair of pliers to press the prongs around the edge of the setting over the stone securing it in place.

For Swarovski stones, pliers work best. Place the pliers over a set of prongs on one side of the setting then press the prongs down and inward at the same time, so they grip the stone. Place the pliers over a set of prongs on the opposite side of the setting and press them against the stone.

Tip: When setting stones, work on opposite sides (i.e. north, south, east, west) to ensure even setting.

Continue to press the sets of prongs down until the stone is secure.


Verify the cabochon fits inside the center of the bezel then remove the cabochon.
Press the longer prongs on the back side of the setting down to a 90-degree angle.
Place the cabochon inside the top of the bezel. Use a prong pusher to press the prongs on opposite sides of the setting down to secure the cabochon in place.

Use adhesive to affix two flat back components together then secure a bezel around the flat backs creating a reversible pendant.

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