Friendly Plastic® Modeling Pellets

Presented by Rose, Jewelry Designer, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Explore the jewelry design possibilities of moldable Friendly Plastic pellets as Rose Wingenbach, in-house jewelry designer, explains how to heat, knead and even add pigments to this thermoplastic molding compound.
Drop the pellets into hot water so that they melt and turn into a sticky workable blob.

Note: The water needs to be so hot that it is uncomfortable to touch but not so hot that it will burn.

  • Use metal tweezers to prevent having to touch the hot water
  • These sticky pellets won't stick to glass, silicone, Teflon™ or most metals
Lay the Friendly Plastic® modeling blob flat onto a silicone pad then apply some mica powder (or other desired coloring material).

Fold the blob over several times to lock the mica powder into place.

Tip: Drop the blob, mica powder and all, back into the hot water if the blob cools too much to work with.
Press the blob into the desired mold and let cool.
Trim or design as desired. The dried blob may be drilled, painted or sealed with an acrylic seal.

Note: Although the Friendly Plastic® modeling pellets will melt with heat, they won't melt outside on a hot day. However it is not recommended to leave in the car on a hot day.

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