How to Create a Shamballa-Style Bracelet

Presented by Jude Wroblewski
Instructions by Ian, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Jewelry designer Jude Wroblewski explains the steps and jewelry-making techniques needed to learn how to make a woven Shamballa bracelet using cotton cord and your choice of beads.
Cut two black 30-inch lengths and two white 30-inch lengths of cotton cord.
Line up the end of each length of cord then wrap a piece of tape around them, leaving a 2-inch length of tail. Secure the tail of the cords to a clipboard.
Pass one black length of cord (the working strand) over the anchor strands (white cord) then pass the second strand of black cord over strand 1, under the anchor strands and up through the loop (created by strand 1). Gently pull knot snug. (This is a half knot.) Reverse the pattern by passing strand 4 over the anchor strands then pass strand 1 over strand 4, under the base strands and up through the loop.

Continue making approximately 17 alternating square knots encasing both white cords (the resting strands).

  • Alternate using the left and right black cords as the primary and secondary working strands to keep the bracelet from twisting. If you start consistently with the same strand the pattern will twist.
  • The resting strands will always be encased by the working strands.
String one 12mm bead onto the resting strands then tie one square knot. Continue to string one 14mm bead onto both white cords then tie two square knots.

String one 14mm bead onto both black cords (now the resting strands) then tie one square knot using the white cords (now the working strands). Continue to string one 12mm bead onto both black cords then tie 17 square knots using the white cords.
Place all four lengths of cord from one side of the bracelet into one crimp end then compress the center of the crimp end to secure the strands.

Tip: For extra security, apply a small amount of adhesive to the crimp end where the cords come in contact.

Trim the excess cord from the crimp end. Pass one jumpring through the crimp end and one half of a clasp then close.

Repeat to secure and finish the opposite end of the bracelet.

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