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Multiple Projects and Needle Tip

Securing the Ends

Ensure the beads on the ends of the loom are tightly packed together. Pass the beading needle through the previous row of seed beads then back through the last row creating a loop.

Continue to loop through sets of two rows moving back approximately 4 - 5 rows, ensuring that the last few rows of beads are tight together and is not loose.

Repeat on the opposite end of the strand.

Adding a Ribbon Clasp

Weave the beading needle back and forth through the warp threads several times, alternating directions at each end, using a selvage stitch approximately the width of a ribbon crimp. Apply a generous coating of adhesive to the front and back on the selvage. Let dry. Repeat on the opposite end of the strand.

Trim the warp threads on each end flush to the selvage.

Place the open end of one ribbon end over the selvage on one end of the bracelet then crimp. Repeat on the opposite end. Use jumprings to attach the clasp of your choice to the ribbon ends.

Note: The example bracelet uses a lobster claw clasp and a small length of chain, each attached to a ribbon end using jumprings.

Creating Loops

Anchor the thread to the base of the affinity band.
Working from one edge of the band, pass the beading needle in the opposite direction through the adjacent seed bead in the same row, exiting between the first and second seed bead.

Thread onto the beading needle: six #11 seed beads (in the pattern of your choice), one decorative bead (any bead) and six more #11 seed beads. Pass the beading needle back through the first seed bead in the same row and exit between the 3rd and 4th beads, on the same side. Pull the thread tight, ensuring there is no space between beads.

Thread onto the beading needle: six #11 seed beads (in the pattern of your choice), one decorative bead and six #11 seed beads (in the pattern of your choice). Pass the needle through the 3rd bead in the row and out through the 4th.
Turn the loom around and, working from the right, repeat Step 2 adding loops randomly or in the pattern of your choice.

Tip: Use different sizes and colors of seed beads for the loops for a variety of appearances.

Button Tie Off

The Jewel Loom features multiple "buttons" for tying off thread. Four of these button tie-offs are on both the right and left side of the top and bottom of the loom with two more featured on the back side near the top and bottom.

Note: Ensure the tension bar is in place after tying off an end of thread but before wrapping thread around the loom.

Tips for using the button tie-offs:

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