Secrets to Bead Tips with Thread

Presented by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

See how to use bead tips to protect beading thread and create a professional finish in strung jewelry designs as Tammy Honaman demonstrates connecting thread to a clasp with the help of a bead tip.
Cut the desired length of thread then thread a needle.
Thread on one seed bead then bring it down the thread leaving a small tail. Pass the needle through the seed bead in the same direction. Tie an overhand knot to secure the seed bead in place.
Pass the needle through the inside of the bead tip so the seed bead rests in the cup.

Apply a small dab of G-S Hypo CementĀ® for added security. Allow to cure according to manufacturer's instructions.
Use chain-nose pliers to gently close the bead tip over the seed bead.

Pass the hook on the bead tip through the loop on the finding then use chain-nose pliers to close the hook.
String beads as desired.
Pass the needle through the outside of the bead tip then string a seed bead. Pass the needle back through the seed bead.

Tip: Insert a pair of tweezers into the center of loop around the seed bead to help position close to the bead tip, then pull tight.

Pass through the seed bead once more then apply a small dab of hypo cement to secure and allow to dry. Once the glue is cured, trim excess thread. Gently close the bead tip then attach the loop to the corresponding loop on the second portion of the clasp.
Repeat to attach bead tips to all the strands in the design for a professional finish.

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