Secrets to Crimp Covers - Hiding Crimp Beads

Presented by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Instructions by Andrew, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Follow along with jewelry-making expert and instructor Tammy Honaman as she explains how to use crimp covers when you want to hide crimp beads for a professional finish in strung jewelry designs.


Slide a crimp cover over a crimp bead, capturing the crimp bead in the center.

Use crimping pliers or a pair of chain-nose pliers and gently squeeze down, ensuring the crimp cover closes properly around the crimp bead. If needed, use a pair of chain-nose pliers to adjust the crimp cover, ensuring the seam is tightly closed.

After stringing your design, repeat on the opposite end of the strand.

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