Foiled Apoxie® Sculpt Pendant

Presented by Lisa Pavelka, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Instructor,
Instructions by Ian, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Mix equal parts of the Apoxie® Sculpt, each section equaling approximately the size of a small grape, for two minutes or until thoroughly blended. A marbling will be apparent when first blending, continue to blend until all marbling is gone and you have one solid color.
Flatten and place on Teflon® paper, then apply a releasing agent to the Apoxie. Remove from the Teflon paper and roll through a poly-roller machine on the largest setting.

Change poly-roller machine to second largest setting and roll Apoxie through again then place back onto the Teflon paper.

Note: Immediately use baby wipes or alcohol wipes to clean poly-roller machine before the resin left behind dries.
Remove any remaining releasing agent residue from the flattened Apoxie.

Place a craft foil over the surface of the Apoxie shiny side facing up and the matte side facing the clay. Burnish the surface of the foil to transfer the foil to the clay. Remove the sheet by pulling the edge in one swift motion, pulling directly away from you. Do not pull the foil straight up as this will not transfer well.

If any gaps in the foil appear on the Apoxie, reapply with the missing foil over the gap. Vigorously burnish the spot with the missing foil then rotate the Apoxie on the workstation so the foil is being pulled in a different direction than it was originally. Remove the sheet by pulling the edge in one swift motion directly away from you.
Reapply a releasing agent to the foiled surface of Apoxie.

Leave the Apoxie on the Teflon paper and place it face down on the stamp. Firmly roll a clay roller over the Teflon sheet on the back of the clay to apply the stamp pattern of your choice.

Tip: Do not roll clay roller back and forth, roll with one firm pass to effectively transfer the pattern.
Carefully peel the Apoxie off of the stamp then use a heart shaped clay cutter to cut out a heart. The scrap foiled Apoxie can be saved for later use.

Let the Apoxie heart harden for three to four hours.

Note: It is recommended that the scrap foiled Apoxie is used quickly as it will harden beyond pliability in three to four hours.
Use E6000® to glue a bail to the back of the cutout heart between the lobes.
Repeat Step 1 to create another small sheet of Apoxie and apply to the back of the heart pendant, bordering the bail.

Texture the back of the pendant using a texturing tool then cut the excess clay from the edges using a hobby knife. Let the back of the pendant harden for three to four hours.

Tip: If desired, cover the back of the bail for added security.
Use a piece of scrap clay to level the cured Apoxie pendant on a portable Teflon sheet or tile.

Add a blob of Magic-Glos® to the center of the focal. Use the end of a needle tool or a toothpick to evenly spread the Magic-Glos out to all of the edges.

Two or three layers may be needed to get the Magic-Glos to stay on the outer edge of the pendant. Cure for five to ten minutes for every layer applied in either direct sunlight or under a UV light.

Note: Although the surface of the Magic-Glos may be rock hard in five to ten minutes, the inside can remain jelly-soft for up to an hour. Keep this is mind if you plan on drilling a hole through the pendant.

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