Kumihimo Finishing Techniques

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Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding style that uses a slotted disc to weave cord or ribbon. After you have woven your kumihimo design to the desired length you'll want to finish the ends for a professional look.

There are several methods for securing your braid, including some that incorporate the ends of your cord into the design.

Option 1 Whipping Knot:

Attach an eyepin to the center of the folded cords when beginning your project then weave your kumihimo design to the desired length.

When the design is complete insert the head of a headpin into the center of the cords.

Continue to braid the design until the headpin is secured then remove the cords from the disc.

Use a separate length of cord or thread to tie a whipping knot, close to the head of the headpin then trim excess cord from around the straight end of the headpin.

Tip: If desired, apply adhesive to the ends of the cord for added security and to prevent fraying.

Option 2 Wire Wrap

Insert a length of wire through the folded center of the cords, then form a wrapped loop. Weave your kumihimo design to the desired length.

Insert a length of wire through the end of the braid. Bend one end of wire at a 90-degree angle. Tightly wrap the opposite end of the wire around the end of the braid. Apply adhesive to the very tip of the braid to secure. Once dry trim excess cord close to the glued area.


Place a cone and the beads of your choice onto the straight end of the headpin or wire and finish with a wrapped loop.

Option 3 Overhand Knot

Secure the ends of your cord with a simple overhand knot and use the loose ends of the cord as a tassel. You can embellish the ends with beads to enhance your design.

Other Options:

Other finishing options include crimp-style cord ends, glue-in cord ends and clasps and ribbon ends.

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