3x3 Hole Punch

Presented by Chris, Photography Group,
Instructions by Ian, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

See how easy it is to make evenly spaced holes with smooth, clean edges using the 3x3 hole punch jewelry-making tool in this product showcase. Six hole punch sizes make this a versatile tool when creating accurate holes for cold connections.
The threaded steel 3x3 hole punch will easily bore three evenly spaced holes into leather and metal sheets up to 3mm thick, leaving smooth and clean edges. This hole punch offers two sets of bolts on each end for creating holes. The first set of bolts will form 1.5mm diameter holes while the second will form 2mm holes.


To use the punch, decide which hole width is wanted then place the working material into the corresponding open slot just below the bolt(s). Line the material up in the slot where the hole(s) is wanted then use the provided Allen wrench to thread the bolt(s) through the material.

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