Fire Mountain Fix: Is My Metal Clay Really Dry?

Presented by Lisa Pavelka, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Instructor,
Instructions by Ian, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

This Fire Mountain Fix answers the question: when is metal clay dry enough to fire? Lisa Pavelka, prominent mixed media artist, explains how to know when metal clay is dehydrated enough for torch firing in this quick tutorial.

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A simple way to find out if metal clay is dehydrated enough for torch firing is to remove it from the oven after baking and placing it on a reflective surface such as a mirror, piece of glass or a high sheen bead tray. Using a tool and not your hands, slide the clay across the surface. If condensation forms where the clay has been in contact with the surface, the clay needs more drying time. If no condensation forms on the reflective surface the clay is ready for firing.

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