How to Create a Molded Shape from Polymer Clay

Presented by Rose, Jewelry Designer,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

For this polymer clay tip and jewelry-making tutorial, in-house jewelry designer Rose Wingenbach explains how to bake molded clay shapes so your design stays the shape you want, rather than flattening out in the oven.

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Paper Support

Polymer clay cures at a fairly low temperature: 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the brand. Since paper doesn't burn until 451 degrees Fahrenheit, it will not burn when baked with polymer clay.
Create a support using cardstock or ball up some tissue paper to place under the clay.
Place the clay onto the paper support and bake according to manufacturer's instructions.

Neckform and Heat Tool

To create a larger polymer clay necklace piece, a neckform may not fit into a craft oven. Use a combination of the heat safe neckform and heat tool to semi-cure the clay.

Let the clay cool.
Place the semi-cured piece into the craft oven with tissue paper (or other paper support) underneath as support and finish curing according to manufacturer's instructions.

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