August Birthstone


Peridot, the August birthstone and stone for the 16th year of marriage, has a luscious green hue that has been valued since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Peridot gemstones are known for their solid, unchanging color, even in artificial light. The green of peridot is so constant because the color comes not from impurities, but from the gem itself being an iron magnesium silicate. In metaphysical beliefs, peridot is a stone of compassion, bringing good health, balancing emotions and promoting restful sleep.

August - Peridot - Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

For the generous, broad-minded and loving Leo, a bright yellow-green peridot is your birthstone. Known as the stone of compassion, for its inherent properties of balancing your emotions and mind, this friendly bright green stone inspires eloquence, creativity and renewal of all things.

If you seek harmony and help healing hurt feelings, reward yourself with a peridot stone and see what lost things it will help you find.

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Peridot Gemstone Properties

Shimmering, pale green peridot, often called the evening emerald, is a gemstone commonly associated with spirituality and expression. The word "peridot" is pronounced as pear-ah-dough by some and as pear-ah-dote by others. While both pronunciations are found in the dictionary, the actual word of origin for peridot is from the French word peritôt, meaning unclear, because of the numerous inclusions and internal fractures often found within peridot gemstone beads. Chrysolite, an older German word, was also used to describe it before the word peridot was applied to all gem quality peridot stones.

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