Metal Clay

Create one-of-a-kind metal clay jewelry with Prometheus® metal clays and Art Clay®. Silver clay and other metal clays can be molded and shaped, then fired and finished using metalsmithing techniques.

Metal Jewelry Clay

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Accomplished clay artists can utilize the same methods with metal by using these special supplies and tools. Metal clay is a mixture of real powdered metal, organic binders and water that can be shaped, molded and fired like regular clay. You then apply traditional metalworking techniques to fine-tune the final product. This combination of clay sculpting and metalsmithing lets more people create metal jewelry, accessories and décor in an easier and safer way.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has everything you need for one-of-a-kind metal clay jewelry. Design precious metal treasures using fine silver clay, sterling silver clay and 22-karat gold clay. We also have copper and bronze jewelry clay — some of which has artisan color powder for jewelry that looks naturally aged. Shop top brands such as Prometheus and Art Clay that produce metal clays formulated for a dense, strong piece.

Clay Metal Tools and Accessories

We also carry plenty of metal clay firing supplies and tools for turning your clay into what you imagined. Order clay burners, carbon coal, molds, detailing tools, colorants and embeddable findings to give your jewelry lasting beauty. Those new to metal clay-making should consider the Prometheus Silver Clay Starter Set which has all the basics to get started — not to mention our metal clay books and DVDs for learning the fundamentals of this art form.

Still looking for more information about metal clay design? Head to the Jewelry Maker’s Library or call us Monday-Friday. We’re always ready to help fellow jewelry lovers and designers with their unique needs.