Metal Clay

Create one-of-a-kind metal clay jewelry. Silver clay and other metal clays (copper, bronze and gold) can be molded and shaped, then fired and finished using metalsmithing

techniques. Add BRONZclay™, COPPRclay™, Prometheus® metal clays, PMC, FYI and Art Clay® to your shopping cart today!


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Design Ideas and Projects Using Metal Clay

  • Double-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal and PMC (Precious Metal Clay)

    Metal Clay Bicone Bead

  • Earrings with PMC+™ (Precious Metal Clay)

  • Toggle Clasp with PMC3™ (Precious Metal Clay)

  • Bracelet with PMC3™ (Precious Metal Clay), Leather Cord and Wirework

    Key to Life Bracelet

  • Bracelet with Seed Beads, PMC3™ (Precious Metal Clay) and Czech Fire-Polished Glass Bead

    Acorn Bracelet

  • Lariat-Style Necklace with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and Swarovski Crystal

    Leaf Pendant

  • Ring with PMC3™ (Precious Metal Clay) and Cubic Zirconia Gems

    Pod Leaf Ring

  • Pendant made of Art Clay®

    As seen on the back cover of the 2011-2012 Jewelry-Maker's Comprehensive Catalog


    Design Idea B88R

  • Bracelet with COPPRclay™ and BRONZclay™


    Design Idea C61A

How-To Videos Featuring Metal Clay

  • Using Metal Clay


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  • Using the JoolTool™ to Sand, Buff and Polish Metal Clay

    Lisa Pavelka, mixed media artist guru, demonstrates how to sand, buff and polish metal clay jewelry...


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  • How to Clean and Polish Metal Clay Casting

    These two step-by-step videos, courtesy of Jooltool™, show how to clean and polish metal clay...


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  • Art Clay® Fundamentals Video

  • How to Use Molding Compound

    Want to make replicas of some of your unique stations or other items? Learn how to use molding...


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Tutorials Featuring Metal Clay