November Birthstone

Citrine and Topaz

The November birthstone citrine was traditionally referred to as the "sun stone" due to its bright and sunny tones. Citrine was also called the merchant's stone because of its associations with golden hues. Citrine gemstones are a macrocrystalline form of quartz, getting their pale yellow color from iron. According to metaphysical properties, citrine is a positive stone that helps battle depression, promote prosperity and help relieve back aches.

November - Topaz / Citrine - Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

For all you magnetic, passionate and powerful Scorpios, the yellowish transparent golden topaz and sunny yellow citrine are your birthstones. Topaz, known as the stone of optimism and awakening, imparts self-confidence, inspiration and higher intelligence.

Citrine, known as the stone of success because it promotes prosperity in business ventures, is kindly referred to as the merchant's stone. These cheery yellow stones balance emotion and make moods as cheery as a summer day.

Lighten up your compulsive and fiery tendencies with some good fortune and carefree optimism by adding some golden topaz and citrine to your day. Just remember to be generous with your newfound prosperity and joy.

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Citrine Gemstone Properties

The color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow, so citrine is associated with this chakra. It is thought to have a positive influence that can relieve backache, and combat depression and problems with the liver, spleen, digestive system and the bladder. Some believe that the gemstone can help promote prosperity.

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