September Birthstone


The September birthstone, sapphire, is most widely associated with a regal, rich blue color, though the gemstone comes in a wide variety of hues. Sapphire belongs to the corundum family, is the most valuable of all blue gemstones and has been a sought-after stone since antiquity. In metaphysical beliefs, sapphire gemstones are associated with steadfastness, sympathy and harmony. Shop sapphire gemstones and economical alternatives for birthstone jewelry full of meaning.

September - Sapphire - Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

For all the modest, practical and analytical Virgos in the world, a brilliant deep blue precious sapphire is your gemstone. Known for being the stone of wisdom, this brilliant stone enhances creative expression, universal knowledge and intellect. This gemstone aids in memory and intuition as it promotes friendship and love, concentration and attracting good influences.

Sapphire is often referred to as the gem of the heavens because it comes in all the colors of the sky. For a contrast to your well-known conservative fussiness, take in a dose of cosmic wisdom by calling on the wise and lucky properties of sapphire to inspire you with clarity and universal insight.

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Sapphire Gemstone Properties

From Antiquity, gemstones have been thought to possess mysterious powers. Sapphire is said to enhance creativity and to focus purity of thought. It is known as the stone of new love and commitment and is claimed to be useful in encouraging faithfulness and loyalty. Because of its blue color, it is associated with the throat and brow chakras - where energy imbalances are said to cause sore throats, headaches and nightmares.

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