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April - White Topaz / Zircon / Diamond - Aries (Mar 21 - Apr. 20)

For the adventurous, dynamic and energetic Aries, your stones are white topaz, zircon and diamond. White topaz is a transparent mineral best known as the stone of true love because it brings success in endeavors, expression of ideas, trust and personal growth by fostering individuality, creativity, enhanced awareness, leadership and insight to its wearer which is perfect for all pioneering endeavors.

Zircon and diamonds, for Aries, provide help for selfish and daredevil tendencies because they inspire appreciation for life, inspiration, renewal, clarity and balance.

If your impatient pursuit of excellence or desire to control your own environment often leads you down a restless path, wear one of these power stones to help you see the big picture and bring love and balance in abundance.

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Diamond Gemstone Properties

Diamonds may be everything from a girl's best friend or coal that stuck to its job--either way it's a gemstone with a mystique all its own. As a gemstone, diamond has remained a symbol of stability and dependability in an ever-changing world. Made of carbon, the most common material on the planet, diamond is a stone with a range of colors that is most often valued for its colorlessness. From its use in religious icons in ancient India to the glittering Hope diamond necklace in the Smithsonian, this gemstone has captured the human imagination for millennia.

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