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October - Opal / Tourmaline - Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

Opal, the chief birthstone for the romantic, social and easygoing Libra, is a soft resin-based stone that flashes with multicolored fire. You will understand why it is known as the stone of inspiration and dreams as you become mesmerized by its brilliant colors. Opal also helps release inhibitions and promotes creativity and ingenuity.

Tourmaline, the second birthstone for Libra, is known as the stone of love and good humor. Wearing this stone aids in reception of inspiration, and radiates light to the wearer. Take good measures against your gullible and flirtatious ways with an uplifting of good humor, inspiration from creative dreams, or radiant love from these two stones for an unbeatable combination that will tickle you with winsome thoughts.

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Opal Gemstone Properties

It is said that precious opal, with its display of fire, can spark creativity, and that the "dance" of its fire can help people enjoy their lives. The light-colored stones have long been associated with helping people become less visible to others and also in improving eyesight. The gemstone has been associated with the sacral chakra, imbalances of which can cause problems with addictions. Some believe that opal can help moderate and harmonize sexual desires.

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Tourmaline Gemstone Properties

Tourmaline was known for centuries by the name schrol, but the name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) words tura mali meaning unknown gemstones of mixed colors. Colored tourmaline crystals would be grouped together in tura mali parcels in Sri Lanka and exported to Europe in the beginning of the 18th century.Tourmaline's worldwide popularity is based on two key facts. First, it is a bright and beautiful gemstone that can be found in so many colors. Second, it is a high quality gemstone that is affordable to use in jewelry designs.

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