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 My Itty Bitty Blessing 

by Vanessa Tower

When the angel craze was in full swing, I focused my jewelry making on them. I had 48 different "Charming" angels like nurses, teachers, firemen, quilters, etc. I wanted to make a small one that would be appropriate for anyone to wear without being big and flashy. I made my Itty Bitty with 4 components and a tack pin. It measures 3/4 of an inch x 3/4 of an inch. I needed a special little card to display it on. I sat at my computer and went blank. After about 7 or 8 minutes, I quietly started praying. I told God that I really needed his help with a little something to put on the card and for them (the angels) to be a blessingto all who see it and open the door for me to be a gentle witness to folks who come into my booth. I have never, I mean NEVER been a poet! But the following is what God blessed me with.

The Itty Bitty Angel
I'm an itty bitty angel,
no bigger that your thumb.
Although I'm on a mission,
I have a lot of fun.
Because God is so very busy
with so very much to do,
He said that my assignment is
to stay real close to you.
God wants you to be safe
in everything that you do.
To know that you are richly blessed,
and how much HE loves you.

Inspiration for Story: I am a Christian and I believe in angels!

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