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 Bridging the Style Gap: Turquoise and Gold-Colored Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace 

Design Idea CB4D Necklace
Turquoise with a Side of Pearls

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

This jewelry set is a good example of bridge jewelry as it offers a combination of quality materials, such as turquoise gemstone beads and cultured freshwater pearls, in a design that showcases brilliant creativity and artisan workmanship. More popular than ever, bridge jewelry is the "bridge" between fine jewelry and costume jewelry, delivering both luxury and style at an affordable price point.

Known for being easy to wear and its fashion versatility, bridge jewelry can also be mixed with fine and costume jewelry pieces for a fashion-forward result. Designers are also blurring the lines between the different types of jewelry, combining both lower- and higher-end materials into the same piece, such as precious metals and acrylic beads or gemstone beads and plated metals.

Typically turquoise gemstone beads are paired with sterling silver or silver-colored materials, but as you can see in this week's project the combination of turquoise and gold-colored cultured freshwater pearls and seed beads is fresh and attention getting. Drawing from current color trends, this brilliant color pairing complements all ages and attire, including work, evening, casual and bridal occasions.

Non-traditional pearl shapes and colors (such as blistered pearls) are "in" and the gold-colored flat rounds found in this jewelry set offer texture and a natural appeal to the piece. The necklace can be worn as two different pieces to two different events--simply wear as a long rope necklace with a dress or a high neckline, and then double it up for a two-strand necklace that complements scoop necklines and open-collared blouses. When it's doubled, you can keep both strands at the same length for a chunky statement or let one strand rest on the neck (like a choker) for varied-length strands. And for even more options layer this rope necklace with a pendant necklace or a single strand of pearls or gemstones.

A great fit for the hustle and bustle of the season, turquoise is one of the official birthstones for the month of December and is heralded as the stone of communication. The traditional metaphysical properties include protection against all diseases, regeneration and strengthening. Turquoise is also commonly believed to offer healing properties for health problems associated with the throat, lungs and teeth, asthma and depression.

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Bridge any style gaps you may have this season by incorporating this versatile single-strand rope necklace and earrings into an existing jewelry line and your own jewelry wardrobe for an on-trend performance.

Using Accu-Guard™ Wire Protectors How-To Video and Illustrated Instructions
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