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 The Art of Nature: Dangling Pine Cone Earrings with Swarovski Links 

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by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

These triple-element dangling earrings hit the fashion bullseye this season, working well with casual to formal looks, and everything in between. The odd-numbered pairing of two Swarovski crystal links followed by a pine cone charm creates a beautifully balanced line, elongating the neck and flattering the face. Swarovski crystal links, available in many different colors for a multitude of design variations, have discrete connector holes that don’t detract from designs, but are large enough to easily use with jumprings or wire-wrapping. Resembling a high-end bezel setting, these open, circular links allow for maximum reflection on both sides of the crystal, making the earrings come alive with movement and sparkle.

Seeing pine cone motifs activates the senses as we imagine their pine scent and the leaves crunching beneath our feet as we collect them. We can all envision the rough texture of their scales and tasting our favorite holiday foods around them. A symbolic representation of the third eye and enlightenment throughout history, pine cones play it up for the holidays--used as Christmas ornaments, fire starters, bird feeders, and commonly found in holiday table décor and seasonal decorations such as wreaths and garlands. So it naturally follows that pine cones are a popular choice for seasonal jewelry statements as well.

Sometimes a particular piece of jewelry can inspire a whole new look and these earrings do just that. Now’s the time to experiment with a new hairstyle, something fresh and fun that will complement these dangling earrings. Show them off by pulling hair back from the face, pinned half up or all up, a low or side ponytail, or bun. Drawing the hair back will bring attention to the face and create a long and elegant neckline.

Why stop with just earrings? Swarovski crystal links and pine cone charms can easily stand alone in coordinating jewelry. For example, a pine cone charm or a single Swarovski crystal link can be used to make a stunning pendant necklace. Fill a charm bracelet with pine cone charms or use just one as an accent, or connect Swarovski crystal links together for a stunning bracelet design.

But most importantly, watch others pine over the stylish nature of this rustic-inspired jewelry.

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