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I am a newbie to beading. I'm anxious to start a simple necklace or bracelet. Problem for me is that I am not sure what the standard size of wire to use is. There is so much information out there, and it is confusing. I want to use 3 - 5mm size beads or my personal favorite, natural stones. I'm just not sure what type of wire, or size, to use. I want to practice on something that will hold the weight of the stones.

- Joan
Given the size beads you are referencing, and the type of material you prefer to work in, I'd recommend 0.014, 49 strand Accu-Flex® Beading Wire; pairing it with 1x1mm or 2x2mm crimp tubes/beads.

If you increase the overall size of the beads, you'll need to consider using 0.019, 49 strand Accu-Flex as it is stronger and better at holding the weight of larger beads.

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