Topics: Marking Pin Substitute

I'm looking for something called a "marking pin." They are normally 3" long, and used to mark your place on fabric. I have seen them for use on cross stitch embroidery, usually with a bead or charm attached to the head part. It would seem to me that headpins are too flimsy. This should be something strong, with a blunt end. Do you carry these, or know where I can find them?
- Pamela
Straight stick pins would work well. These heavy-duty pins are available in both silver- and gold-plated. They're strong enough to stand up to repeated use, and can be personalized any way you choose--just select a dynamic art glass bead and thread it up the pin from the pointed end. If the hole is too large, cap the bead on both ends with bead caps . Glue in place. The points can be cut off or filed down to a flat surface using these needle files.

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