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I love to make necklaces with square stones but they seem to twist. Is there anyway I can get them to lay flat? I prefer an 18" length. Thank you,
- Lenny
Square stones will lie flat and not twist if strung with similarly flat materials or other beads with a diameter no larger than the depth of the square stone. A flat clasp, such as a lobster claw, box, S-hook or fold-over clasp will also allow the strand to lie as flat as possible against the neckline. The 18-inch length you prefer should drape nicely on an average neckline.

If you string any one-sided flat stone or finding onto a longer finished necklace length (such as matinee, 20 - 25 inches, or opera length, 26 - 36 inches), you will find the lower part of the necklace may sway and turn. For a longer-length design, consider using two-sided flat beads that works with the design, or string the design so you can accommodate two of the one-sided flat beads in the same position, bringing them together and creating a two-sided look.

- Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor and Swarovski crystal Ambassador

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