The white boxes we use contain recycled product. Our teal tissue paper is SFI certified; find out more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative at You can easily reuse this packaging (and reduce waste) for:
  • Gift-wrapping
  • Shipping
  • Storage


Reuse the individual bags to securely store product or punch a hole in the top of the bag for easy-to-display resale packaging.

The item number/product information stickers are designed to be easily removed from the plastic bags. This allows you to reuse the labels and identify your products by item number for easy stocking and re-ordering.


We know most of you keep every catalog because of the project instructions, jewelry-making content and design ideas. However we do ask that if you receive multiple copies that you pass them along for others to enjoy.

Please recycle!
Create upcycled designs by tearing a page from your favorite magazine or catalog. Click here for a design inspiration.

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