Boho and Hippie Chic Jewelry

Boho chic is a natural, free-flowing and unconventional style that draws inspiration from the hippie fashion of the Sixties. The hippie style itself was not original, but traces its roots to Native American styles, as well as the bohemian styles of the itinerant Romani communities in Eastern Europe.

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Boho chic is characterized by natural materials, the artful layering of free-flowing fabrics and a harmonious blend of comfort and beauty. This style incorporates loose-fitting, comfortable dresses, tunics and blouses, complemented by clunky footwear and adorned with crocheted outerwear or vests crafted from leather, denim or other organic materials.  

The free-flowing foundation is enhanced by an array of accessories such as necklaces, pendants, belts, bracelets, rings, anklets, armlets, headbands, shawls, scarves, gloves and hats. Each of these accessories can be embellished with the addition of feathers, gemstone beads, studs, grommets and other natural adornments. 


With its BohoSTAR Bracelets collection of finished jewelry, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers  dozens of bracelets made of braided leather, macraméd cotton and other natural materials that are ideal for boho chic styles.  

The key to the boho chic bracelet style is found in the art of layering. Entwine cords of leather or cotton, embellished with wood and gemstone beads, to create a stacked ensemble . For an extra touch of personalization, incorporate charms with an ethnic flair. While the traditional boho style was heavily influenced by Native American and Eastern European aesthetics, modern designers have embraced a more expansive approach, incorporating traditional motifs from diverse regions such as Africa, China, Scandinavia and the Arab world.


Boho chic pendants typically swing from a long cord or chain, often descending to mid-torso, and are paired with at least one additional necklace for a layered effect. These one-of-a-kind pendants frequently showcase various natural stones, colorful beads, shells and other natural elements in addition to the central stone.

Some enthusiasts of the boho style believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones as well as the healing properties of crystals. Magnesite has gained significant popularity due to its perceived calming properties and its resemblance to turquoise, but at a more affordable price point. Pendants are also popular in the field of aromatherapy. Bead cage pendants, containing lava beads infused with essential oils, are purported to relieve stress and anxiety and enhance mood.  


Just as with bracelets, stacking defines the essence of boho chic ring style. Wearing multiple rings on each hand—and at times, even on each finger—creates the distinctive boho look. While silver is the go-to metal for boho rings, gold is also a popular choice—as long as the rings are intricately designed, with or without a feature stone. Mood rings also fit in perfectly with the boho hippie vibe.


Weaving together a mix of earth tones and vibrant colors, vintage and ethnic styles, delicate intricacy and bold statements, necklaces can become the centerpiece of a classic boho hippie chic outfit. Craft a captivating ensemble by selecting from an array of gemstones, wood beads, bone, shell and other natural materials to construct layers of necklaces that complement each other. Enhance the narrative further by incorporating charms that resonate with a specific ethos, adding depth and meaning to your boho-inspired ensemble.


Earrings are essential in boho and hippie-inspired fashion. Colorful dangles, feathers, hoops, swirls and celestial motifs perfectly capture the unconventional spirit of the style. Explore our Jewelry and Gifts collection for ready-made earrings or embark on a creative journey by crafting your own using leather and natural beads.


Belts offer a wonderful opportunity to anchor the lightness of a boho shirt or dress. Adorning them with beads, metal components and other embellishments transforms these accessories into personalized statements, enriching the overall boho hippie vibe.


Brightly colored scarves are a quick and easy way add another layer and can be embellished with beads, chain and more.

Headbands and Hair Accessories

Weave elaborate headbands by employing various techniques like kumihimo, finger braiding and seed beading. Don't have a pattern for a headband? Repurpose a bracelet pattern, extending the length. Popular boho add-ons include charms, natural beads and feathers.  

Celebrate Diversity and Individuality!

Immerse yourself in the carefree realm of boho chic design. With every design option at your fingertips, the world of jewelry-making is yours to explore. 

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