Meet Cecil - Christmas Edition


Meet Cecil - Christmas Edition

Feb 1, 1984

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I'm Cecil, the friendly lion dog at Fire Mountain Gems.

They got me as a puppy and I'm supposed to grow into a mascot--whatever that is. They said the store needed a mascot and I'm it. They wanted a friendly dog with big floppy ears and a waggly rump; a dog that would bring smiles to the hearts and faces of all who met him. Well, that's a tall order for a little 5-month-old puppy, but I'm sure trying hard.

I'm a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback hound dog. Rhodesia--that's some place in Africa, where we used to hunt lions. Yeah, real lions, the great big ones. I'm red and will grow up to the size of a Coon Dog. I have a funny strip of hair that runs backwards up my spine that everyone wants to touch; that's why they call me a Ridgeback, I guess.

Stu named me Cecil after Sir Cecil John Rhodes. Sir Cecil was one of the founders of the De Beers Diamond Mines, and he gave his name to the country of Rhodesia.

Life is great fun at Fire Mountain, especially out back, hunting lions on the rock piles. Haven't found any lions yet, but I did scare up a friendly tabby cat. I also like romping around inside the store. I can go anywhere I want in the store but I have to stay away from Irving the computer because everyone's afraid I might do you-know-what on his wires.

Oh boy, its lunchtime. The employees take their lunch in shifts around here, which is perfect. I sit next to them when they eat and watch them with my worried look. That always gets them; even Tony gave me something yesterday.

Please come visit me at the store when you're in town, I'd love to meet you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and don't forget it's Christmas for dogs and cats too.

Your friend,

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